Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Weeks Till Christmas. :)

 Welcome to my latest installment in my "Weeks before Christmas" series on how to  have an organized Christmas and be able to enjoy the season!


~ If you haven’t already mail out those Christmas Cards. 

~ Put together the gifts for your child’s teachers, coaches, & music teachers. Some suggestions might be a thank you letter from your child, a bouquet of flowers with a bunch of pencils wrapped around it,  check Pinterest for other creative inexpensive ideas. 

~ Bring out that baking caddy you put together and start your holiday baking, what a relief it will be to know that all of it is done and put in the freezer ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

~ Try on everyone’s holiday outfits and make sure all fits properly. Make sure all tights, shoes, ties, are purchased and ready to go. 
Happy Organizing!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

                      Cleverly Organized Chaos   
                Black Friday Special!!!


Black  Friday only from 12am- 11pm PST You can purchase a virtual organizing package for just $50 (normally $80) Here is what is included: 1 new space, 1 to do list, unlimited email support from me during your before and after picture, and 1 follow up to do list!  OR  purchase an in person organizing package for $100 (Western WA only) includes: Free assessment and 3 hours of organizing time. No limit on how many packages you can purchase and we do offer gift certificates so this would be a great stocking stuffer!

                                                Jen Kagan

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Organizing Week 5..


~ Sit down and write the holiday cards, depending on how many you send out it may take a few days if you just do a few a day.  Put the stamps on them and keep them in a basket next to your car keys so you don’t forget to mail them. 

~ Check your extra chairs and the leaf in the dining table. Make sure you have everything in good repair.  

~ Pull out your Christmas dishes and check to make sure all are in good condition, washed, and replace any that need to be.

~Pull out your Table Cloth and napkins as well and launder those, iron them etc. then fold them all nicely and keep in a basket near your dining table for easy access.  

~ Start purchasing the gifts on your list. To help your budget go farther think  about things like the gift of experience…send your parents to a comedy show, or send your friends a gift certificate to one of those fancy movie theaters now, give an aquarium membership etc. to a family. These things are much more fun and don’t clutter up your friends and families house. 

~ Get your holiday music cd’s ready and put near the stereo, or download a Christmas station to Pandora or your ipod etc.

Happy Organizing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 6 to an organized Christmas season!

I am starting a new series here on how to have a more organized Christmas season so you can enjoy the holiday season instead of feeling rushed and stressed out. :) Each week I will post a new tip! Also speaking of the holiday's coming up now is a good time to get stocking stuffers too. I offer Gift Certificates for my organizing services and remember I do offer virtual organizing, so you don't even have to live in my area. ;) Wouldn't it be great to give the gift of organization for Christmas? Email me for more details.!

~Put together a Master Christmas List  right now.  you will be able to keep track of what you buy and for who.  A big mistake a lot of people make is they shop ahead but then they forget what they bought for who. If you have a list cross everything off as you get it. 

~Set your budget now! This is crucial to an organized Christmas.  Set it now and avoid those nasty surprise credit card bills in January. Write the budget on the very top of your Christmas list and highlight it. Pay cash when you can and it will help you stay on budget. I realize this is not always possible but at least if you have a budget you can see it is easier to stick with it. 

~Put together a Master Christmas card list now. Here is the part you might be surprised to hear…You do not have to send a card out to everyone you have ever met. Really you don’t! J It is so easy to get sucked into the “I am a bad person if I don’t send a Christmas card to my friends little sister who once helped jump start my car” A good way to decide who to really send cards to is to send your cards to people who you remember you got cards from last year. Then this year start a list of who you get cards from so you know for next year.  Get your stamps purchased.

~Make any online purchases or catalog orders now so they have time to get here.

~ Check your baking supply list and cooking supplies. Make sure you have any special ingredients you need now while they are still in stock at the store. Use a carry all caddy with a handle and put all your baking supplies in it…cupcake liners, sprinkles, cookie cutters, rolling pins etc.  You will be able to grab the caddy when it is time to bake and see at a glance all you need. No more searching for all the things you need! 

~Now is the best time to go through toys, and things you don’t need. Just declutter a closet, or a drawer. One a day. By the time Christmas comes there will be room for all the new toys etc. ;) 

Have an Organized Day!