Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bagged Salad tip...

In order to save time I often buy the bagged salads at the super market, I also buy them at Costco sometimes too. However due to the fact that all my kids are not quite the salad lover my husband and I are ( I know...shocking) lol we find that there is so much salad leftover and since I toss it with dressing it is not really fun to use the next day. So instead I started using about half the amount of salad in the bag and getting several uses out of the bag. I use the leftover salad for topping sandwiches, burgers or creating more salads later on in the week. I just put a paper towel in the bag to absorb extra moisture so it lasts. I find that taco salad is one of my favorites for using up the rest of the bagged salad. Not only am I not wasting the whole "kit" but it is frugal too! Especially if I buy the salad mix on sale and with a coupon. Works for me!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Host a FREE organizing workshop

So let's talk today about organizing workshop. While I am a professional organizer I am also a Clever Container Consultant. Have any of you heard of Clever Container? It is a unique direct sales company founded by a professional organizer (not me...I wish I had thought of the idea!) in which we come out to your place either in person or virtually, and conduct a workshop on how to organize on a topic you choose. I have done organizing workshops on all sorts of topics: kids organization, back to school organization, kitchen, pantry, closet, filing, home office etc. to name a few. The possiblities are endless. The best part about it is that you host it, and earn free and half price products from our cool catalog. The tips and techniques I provide in your workshop are yours to keep and pass around. It is really a win win situation. Clever Container does have really great quality products at affordable prices and I adore their stuff. One of the bonuses of having a Clever Container party is that it takes the mystery out of the different uses for some of their items. Often times when you go to a big box store and look at the organizing isles you might find cool products but think "well I like this but I already have a system for that, or I like this but have no idea what to do with it" That is where I come in. I can help with that. As it happens it is a fun way to make extra money too and if any of you readers are interested in a fun opportunity to make extra cash email me directly at and I can help get you started! If that is not your thing but you are interested in hosting a party contact me at the above email address and I will help you as well! Again you dont' have to live locally to me to host a party we can do a really fun party virtually for you. As it happens I am running a special for the month of a party with me and receive a FREE car pocket!   Pictured above. :) Come on and get organized with me today..Organizing just got fun! To see our catalog checkout: Clever Container and click on the catalog and start dreaming about the stuff you could earn free or half price.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homeschool Organization

                                  Homeschool Organization

 Let's talk homeschool organization. As a homeschooler for the last 6 years I am what you might consider a "seasoned" homeschooler yet I still feel I have a lot to learn. The best part for me about homeschooling is that I learn and re-learn along with my kids, and watching them learn to love learning is equally rewarding.  During a majority of the time I have homeschooled I ran a home daycare. A lot of my friends and family asked how I did it all and gave me way more credit then I deserved for "keeping it together", but I did learn a few tips along the way. One thing that made it possible was O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N.  If I did not have the organization I would have lost my mind years ago...I might still who knows...but for now it makes me happy and keeps me sane. :) I am going to list below some of my top homeschool organizing tips.

  • Schedule: This can be as detailed or as general as you want it. It needs to work for YOU and your situation. Just because it might work for me does not mean it will work for you. It could be as general as saying : from 8-12 we will get up, do 3 assignments, and eat breakfast. or as specific as : from 6:30-6:45 pray, 6:45-7:45 exercise and shower, 7:45-8:00 eat breakfast, then school work etc. and so on.  Or anything in between. Again it needs to fit your needs. But the most essential part of  any schedule is that you must post it where everyone in your family can see it! This eliminates the "mom I am bored, I don't know what to do next" syndrome. Kids especially thrive on structure it helps them feel more secure and keeps mom's sanity in tact. 
  • Binders: I love binders for a multitude of reasons. You can use them by subject, by season, by grade ...the possiblities are endless! Each of my children has one labeled "busywork" that has extra worksheets, crossword puzzles, riddles etc. that they take with us when we are out and about doing errands, or doc appts etc.  They are great. I have one for each season with seasonal crafts, worksheets, etc. and I refer to this when loading their busywork binders. 

  • Crates: I use crates because they are inexpensive and usually come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each of my kids have their own crate or "school box" . These come in very handy because the kids haul them to wherever they are working and have everything they need in them. Usually there is all their work for the day, any extra notes from me, and also a pencil pouch with extra pencils, a sharpener, highlighter, and pink eraser.  One of my children has a few special needs that require therapy at a local therapy center and it is usually a long appt once a week, so the kids load up their crates in the back of our SUV and they do their schoolwork in there while we are waiting. Or if we are going to be out doing an errand day the crates go with us and the kids do their schoowork in the car. It works great. It also elimates hearing "I don't know where my book is". 
  • Clear Boxes: I use these for everything extra...all the manipulatives for math, art supplies, craft supplies, one for scissors, crayons, markers etc. I could go on for days about these boxes. I get the shoebox size with lids. You can usually find them at dollar stores, thrift stores, big lots, target etc. I love that they are clear so I can see through them and know what is in them...although I have a deep fascination and addiction to labels, but that is beside the point and a post for another day. :) 

  • Turning Tool Caddy: I love this for keeping my school supplies handy when we are working. Most often my kids do schoolwork at the kitchen  table, so I use mine for pencils, highlighters, pink erasers, and even writing prompt cards. As my son says it "lives" on our kitchen table most of the time, and I can easily take it off and put it away when we have guests over for dinner. I got mine through the Pampered Chef I believe they call it the tool turnabout, but you can find them on amazon too. But because I fully support Work at Home Momma's if you have a pampered chef person contact then first! :) 
  • File Folders: I love file folders for keeping the school records for each year. They are also handy for organizing the week or as Lisa@Pieces of Us showed in her blog ..the school year. Seriously check out the really cool way she uses the rainbow files to organize her school year. I have not used this method before but will be trying it this year.  :)     
There you have it. My top homeschool organizing tips.Works for me!  What are some of the methods you use to organize with??                                                                                         
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Product Review

                                       Weather Or Not


            This product is designed for e-readers and Ipads. I absolutely love it. Especially right now with it being summer. It is wonderful to take along to the pool, beach, or even out on the lawn while your kids are playing in the sprinkler. It is completely water proof.  It is also good to have during the rainy season during the kids sports. If you have a camera on the front of it then you can take pictures and movies with it while keeping it dry. Another great use for this is when the little ones want to play on the ipad....this cover keeps your screen clean and free of sticky fingerprints. One of my favorite uses for it is that you can read while you soak in a bubble bath worry free! You can get the Weather or Not here .  Item number  0593-E $19.95.  

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Host an organizing Party (without guests seeing your mess)

               How to host an organizing Party w/out cleaning!


You know how it is when you run across a product you like from a direct sales company and you want to purchase something and the consultant says "If you host a party you can qualify to get that item for free or half price?" You immediately start thinking...oh gee. I would love to but that means I have to clean the house from top to bottom, try and get at least 10 of my friends over to make it worth my while, and find a sitter for the kids etc.? Well what if I told you that there is a new kind of party. One that will help you still earn the free and half price products all while getting your house organized and you don't have to clean from top to bottom, or find a sitter etc.? How about hosting a virtual party? There is one of two ways you can do this. The first is a "catalog show" where you send out catalogs or emails to an online catalog to your virtual guests, then they place an order attaching it to a party with your name on it, OR you can do "virtual party" which is just a step above that. This way you can do a skype call and link everyone on there to where the consultant is speaking and showing them some of the products, or you can send them an invite with a virtual video on it that is set up with your name on it and ordering instructions at the end! It is a fun unique way so that your friends and family can learn more about the products then just reading a catalog. It is a way they can learn different ways you can use the product and is still fun. Plus they can still contact the consultant directly and ask any questions they have. You can invite your friends and family that don't live in your area to "attend" as well. I happen to be hosting an online virtual party right now for organizing products.  You are all invited to check it out here: Virtual Organizing Party  In fact if any of you would like to order feel free to do so, since I am feeling generous I will give up my hostess credits to a mystery "hostess" at the end of the party that my fabulous daughter will randomly select. :) Also anyone that orders $50 or more will be entered into a drawing to win a free car pocket! My daughter will pick TWO random people and they will both win a free car pocket.  If you don't want to order but instead would like to host a virtual party of your own, there is contact info for me at the end of the video, and also you can contact me at: I would be happy to help you there too.

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