Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tame those spices & packets!

Do you ever open your cabinet to get a quick spice you need and see this? Then spend the next 5 minutes searching for the 1 spice you need? Meanwhile your recipe is burning? Here is a couple ideas for you to solve that problem. The first one is to use bins. I love bins and baskets, and containers of all kinds. It does not have to be expensive either. In this cupboard the bins used were from the dollar tree. They are plastic, and washable which is awesome when you have something in them like corn syrup or honey in the event it tips over and spills, it is much easier to pull the bin out, take out the items and wash the bin then to climb on the counter, step stool etc. and try and scrub it off the shelf, you cannot really soak a shelf. :) Now when putting the spices in the bins it really does not solve your problem at first because what you see  are the tops off all the spices, but you would still be spending time lifting up each and every one looking for your spice. Enter my trusty label maker which I am never without, I simply created labels for the tops of the spices so when I pull out the bin I can see what everything is. Yes those spice tops are small so you will probably have to abbreviate which is fine as long as you know what it is. If you cannot remember, make yourself a little cheat sheet and stick it on the inside of the cabinet door. :) Next if you don't have a label maker or don't want to use one, there is special labels made for tops of spices or other small things that you can find at office supply stores, check Martha Stewart as well because there anything she has not thought of? You can simply write the names on the labels. Then, if you have more then one bin...label it! I ran out of tape in my label maker from an organizing job I had done earlier so I simply took some Avery Labels and wrote on them and put them on the boxes. The result is a clean cabinet with easy to find spices.


Clever Pockets!
If you don't have a big enough cabinet to hold bins, or just don't have enough space in your cabinet for all your spices, or you want to use the cabinet for the taller spices such as those nifty Costco spice containers, then here is another way you can organize your spices and see what you have. Enter the  Clever Pocket  from Clever Container. (click on the link and it will take you to my CC page, from there you can shop our online catalog and even order online. groovy..I know!) I love this pocket system, look how it holds not only spice jars but seasoning packets! It is good for so many other uses but that is a whole other post. I love that it hangs over the door and frees up your cabinet for other things. A real space saver for sure! So there you have it, a couple of fun ideas for organizing your cabinets.
Have an organized day!

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