Monday, July 23, 2012

Host a FREE organizing workshop

So let's talk today about organizing workshop. While I am a professional organizer I am also a Clever Container Consultant. Have any of you heard of Clever Container? It is a unique direct sales company founded by a professional organizer (not me...I wish I had thought of the idea!) in which we come out to your place either in person or virtually, and conduct a workshop on how to organize on a topic you choose. I have done organizing workshops on all sorts of topics: kids organization, back to school organization, kitchen, pantry, closet, filing, home office etc. to name a few. The possiblities are endless. The best part about it is that you host it, and earn free and half price products from our cool catalog. The tips and techniques I provide in your workshop are yours to keep and pass around. It is really a win win situation. Clever Container does have really great quality products at affordable prices and I adore their stuff. One of the bonuses of having a Clever Container party is that it takes the mystery out of the different uses for some of their items. Often times when you go to a big box store and look at the organizing isles you might find cool products but think "well I like this but I already have a system for that, or I like this but have no idea what to do with it" That is where I come in. I can help with that. As it happens it is a fun way to make extra money too and if any of you readers are interested in a fun opportunity to make extra cash email me directly at and I can help get you started! If that is not your thing but you are interested in hosting a party contact me at the above email address and I will help you as well! Again you dont' have to live locally to me to host a party we can do a really fun party virtually for you. As it happens I am running a special for the month of a party with me and receive a FREE car pocket!   Pictured above. :) Come on and get organized with me today..Organizing just got fun! To see our catalog checkout: Clever Container and click on the catalog and start dreaming about the stuff you could earn free or half price.
Have an organized day!

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