Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bagged Salad tip...

In order to save time I often buy the bagged salads at the super market, I also buy them at Costco sometimes too. However due to the fact that all my kids are not quite the salad lover my husband and I are ( I know...shocking) lol we find that there is so much salad leftover and since I toss it with dressing it is not really fun to use the next day. So instead I started using about half the amount of salad in the bag and getting several uses out of the bag. I use the leftover salad for topping sandwiches, burgers or creating more salads later on in the week. I just put a paper towel in the bag to absorb extra moisture so it lasts. I find that taco salad is one of my favorites for using up the rest of the bagged salad. Not only am I not wasting the whole "kit" but it is frugal too! Especially if I buy the salad mix on sale and with a coupon. Works for me!

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Have an organized day!

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